Pursue Your Passions

Whatever brings you joy—art, music, nature, adventure, education, community service, and much more—you can pursue it here with passion. Through a combination of programs known collectively as the “Fullness of Life,” you can choose from a wide variety of opportunities to maintain your healthy, active lifestyle.
Become the artist you’ve always dreamed of being. Pick up new skills like American Sign Language and flower arranging, or travel the world through presentations each month on exotic locales. Head out with your neighbors to the symphony, art museum, or a play.
Whatever you love to do, be assured you’ll find it (or help create it!) here. And you’ll undoubtedly make new friends in the process.

Connect with Your Community

Relationships with area businesses, schools, and churches are critical to achieving this goal for you, your families, and the greater Hillsboro community. Being located in a quiet residential neighborhood, you’re a part of the local community, just like we are.

You can celebrate the Fourth of July, lend a helping hand with Pacific University students, or support local businesses while out running errands. It’s all part of living your life in whatever way you enjoy.

Fullness of Life Programs

Below is a snapshot of featured events for this month. These highlights are drawn from our seven active lifestyle programs. It’s a new paradigm of senior community living called the “Fullness of Life!”

Grand Days Out

Continuing Education

Get Fit