Fine Dining for Your Lifestyle

Let Us Do the Dishes

Enjoying your life and pursuing your passions your number one goal.  That’s why you’ve given up washing dishes, cooking every day, and planning dinner parties. Instead, you’ve traded all that in for good food, great company, and enjoyable conversation.  And best of all, it’s time to let someone else worry about the dishes!

Your Menu Selections

Enjoy the break you’ve earned and let chef Ron Gifford and his culinary team create 3 delicious meals for you each day.  Tantalize your taste buds with the following:

  • a delicious main breakfast dish, along with cereal, toast, juice and muffins
  • two savory main courses for lunch and dinner, one of which is heart-healthy
  • a full salad bar with fresh fruit of the season
  • choice of mouth-watering dessert or soft-serve ice cream made fresh daily (diabetic desserts available).

And of course, don’t forget the homemade soup served at every dinner!

Next Steps

View our  Sample Menu or explore our events and activities.