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Levels of Care in Assisted Living

All-inclusive Amenities Package

You want the elegance and comfort of independent living combined with a personal care package. The simplicity of paying one bill for rent & utilities (except personal phone) is too perfect to resist.
Add in your weekly housekeeping and linen service, 3 daily meals and a full amenities package, and it sounds too good to be true.
No, you’re not dreaming: these services and more are part of the basic amenities package included with your rent.

Supplemental Care Packages Just For You

But while the basic amenities package is elegantly simple, it doesn’t cover some of your personal requirements. That’s where your supplemental care packages come in.
Start with your desired level of service, customize as needed in consultation with the Director of Health Services, and you’re on your way to living your life to the fullest!

Level I

Designed for you, an independent resident, who needs:

Level II

In addition to your services included within Level I, this level adds:

Level III

In addition to your services included within Levels I and II, this level adds: